About Margaret and “A Merry Requiem”

When Margaret was a teenager, she was obsessed with Les Mis.  Since this was (ever so slighty) before the internet, this led her to read lots of books about Victor Hugo. This in turn led her to have kind of an awkward teenage crush on a dead writer, which she dealt with by turning his life into a novel. It sat in her drawer for years until she realised the novel was crap but the story was good, and rewrote it, with enough adult perspective to realise that her hero was actually kind of a jerk at points.  The result is “A Merry Requiem,” which is available from many fine online retail establishments, including Smashwords, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Diesel ebooks, and Apple ibooks.

Margaret herself lives in London with her husband and two cats, as well as a few crippling neuroses and a lot of tea. You can follow her on Twitter at @HoustonMargaret .


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