The Ides of March (film)

While political movies are a dime a dozen – The American President, Dave, The Ides of March, Primary Colors, etc. – good political BOOKS seem to be a bit thin on the ground.  Yes, I know Primary Colors was a book first, but apart from that, it seems that if you want politics, you either have to go with a thriller (of the “the President is under attack from terrorists and only ex-CIA Secret Service Agent Storm Weatherford can save him!” variety, usually written by someone who thinks he’s the Beltway’s answer to John Grisham), or rent a movie.

There are a few books I can think of that use politics as their backdrop, but most of them are British – A Very British Coup, the fabulously cheesy Second Term, which was clearly a send-up of the Blair administration, and Sue Townsend’s alternative history The Queen and I.

Or is it just that I haven’t happened to stumble across the right books?  Recommend some in the comments if you know any.