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Cosette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, people, it’s discount time!

The Les Mis film is coming up.  Oh yes.  I will be dragging the youth group from church to see it, and indoctrinate them into the ways of Les Mis fandom, because that’s just the sort of crazy power they give you when you’re a youth worker in the Church of England.

(I will, as previously discussed, be discouraging them from writing Les Mis fanfic unless it’s really freaking good – Les Mis is one of those things that counts as “sacred and untouchable” in my mind.  If they want to write Les Mis fanfic, they can do what I did before the days of fanfiction.com – research the hell out of the period, and write a 275,000-word original trilogy about it.  Dammit, kids these days HAVE IT EASY, I TELL YOU.)

Anyway, we here at MR headquarters (i.e., Margaret and the cats, at Margaret’s desk) have been waiting for a film version of this musical since we were, like, thirteen. Okay, it won’t be perfect – for one thing, they have Anne Hathaway playing Fantine, when clearly it should have been me, but we can forgive them for that.

So in the spirit of generosity embodied by the Bishop of Digne, I’m giving you a HALF PRICE coupon to A Merry Requiem Part I, which, as you know, is based on the life of Les Mis author Victor Hugo. The only catch is that the coupon ONLY works at Smashwords – however, that’s where MR is cheapest and available in the most formats ANYWAY, so it’s all good. All you have to do is buy the book and enter the discount code FW74R at checkout.