Now that A Merry Requiem is published, instead of just publishing sections of it here, I’ll be doing more general blogging about the book, other writing projects of mine, and writing in general, as well as occasional book reviews.  (Guest reviews are welcome – just let me know in the comments section if you’re interested.)

Much of A Merry Requiem was written in the cafe of the British LibrarImagey, and I recommend this as a retreat for any London writers who need to get out of the house in order to be inspired.


1) Free and open to the public.  Obviously you pay for tea, cake, etc.

2) Inspiring atmosphere, surrounded by books, writers, and scholars.


4) Free wifi (this is a pro o give yourself writing breaks and/or to look up stuff while you’re writing – a con if it means you end up spending all day on Twitter instead of writing.)

5) Accessible to public transport – right between King’s Cross and Euston Stations, and on lots of bus routes.


1) Very few tables have sockets next to them, so you may end up either queuing for one of them or else having to leave, or start writing by hand, when your battery dies.  (I think this qualifies as a “first world problem.”)

2) It’s fairly dimly lit, which can create a feeling of having been stuck in a cave all day.

Verdict: 7/10